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Makayla raphael


Do I have to wear anti fatigue glasses all the time?

I can't see the letters on the blackboard clearly. So I bought a pair of anti fatigue prescription glasses. But I was just wondering if I'll need them all the time or just when I need them? Any suggestions?
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  • Rebecca


    Personally I think you'd better wear your glasses consistently, so your eyes get used to them. I do understand that if you are myopia, you nearly can not see other things at distance. It's definitely in your benefit to wear your glasses all the time, or at least most of the time.
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  • emi47678


    I think you may need them when you are watching TV, movie or studying. If you can drive, you may need them when you are driving especially at night. But you can wear them for a whole day too.
  • Katelyn smith


    You can wear them when you need them or wear them for a whole day. prescription glasses can help correct our vision problems. We will see things clearly and suffer from less eye fatigue.
  • Victor Lee


    Wearing glasses all the time is not a good choice for you. If you wear glasses too frequently and long, you'll have to face the eye deformation problem. I suggest you to get contacts and alternate them with glasses. Don't wear anything if you don't have to.

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