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Angela green


Is it normal that circle lenses rub against eyelids?

One of my friends got a pair of circle lenses and he said that they rubbed against his upper eyelids. He could feel the rubbing if he moves his eyes around and feels uncomfortable. Is this normal?
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  • Sybil


    It is not normal. Maybe the size of the contacts does not fit his eyes. Usually we need to have a contact exam before we get some contacts. The contact exam can help measure the size of our eyeballs and decide which kind of contacts can fit our eyes. He'd better stop using the contacts and have his eyes checked by an eye doctor immediately. If there is any bruise, the bruise must be treated immediately.
  • Benji


    No, it isn't. Maybe there is something wrong with the contacts or his eyes. I know that the people have irregular eye shape should not wear contacts. You can tell your friend that he may need to stop using these contacts. The causes of the rubbing should be diagnosed by his eye doctor. So tell him that he needs to visit the the doctor ASAP.
  • Rebecca


    It might be caused by the defected lens. Irritation to the eye can damage vision, so it would be advisable to have this looked at. Your friend should see their eye doctor, and request a replacement lens.
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