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Can I swim with a scratched eye?

I got scratched eyes. Is it OK if i go to swim right now?
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  • eisenstiefel


    Of course, you can not go to swim when you have scratched eyes, for it can make your eyes be infected by some irritants, or pollution. Eye infection can be caused by bacteria, viruses or environmental agents, such as pollens and other irritants. As we know that there are many chemicals in the pool and it can be the irritants. And your scratched eyes can be infected by them. So in many cases, people get eye infection when they are with irritants. And eye infection can make your scratched eyes become worse; and also can lead to blurry vision, which is also caused by the bacteria, and other allergies. Anyway, when your eyes are infected by some viruses, you can get eye infection. At the same time, your blurry vision can occur too. so you are not supposed to have swimming.
  • Michelle


    It seems that you have just got a traumatic eye. I wonder whether you have already received some treatment or adequate time for recovery. Anyway, for now, you had better stay away from swimming and tap water, since they would give rise to an eye infection, really bad actually. Maybe you can swim only after your scratch are totally recovered, you should consult an eye doctor and do not do anything stupid.
  • chopperkriss


    Hello, I,m sorry to tell you that you'd better not swim with your scratched eyes. Since your eyes are scratched, some parts of your eyes will expose, which can be easily infected. What' more the water of the pool is not clean, with a lot of irritants and bacteria, all those can make your eyes uncomfortable and may be infected. Blurry eyes are also possible.