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Connor scott


What is the difference between lazy eye and cross eye?

Are lazy eyes the same as cross eyes? If not, What the difference between lazy eye and cross eye?
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  • Alexa murphy


    The lazy eyes are so different from the cross eyes although they are both born to be in the most possibility. The lazy eyes have no obvious organic disease or organic changes and ametropia. In addition, its pathological changes are not adapt to the vision loss and continuous correction or corrected visual acuity less than 0.9. The lazy eyes can occur in one eye or two eyes. It is the most important symptom for strabismus amblyopic. The lazy eyes and strabismus are concerned. People with lazy eyes can't get the perfect vision. However the cross eyes will see things at the opposite ways. Only through the surgery can the cross eyes get well. But the lazy eyes will get improved through matching with a good pair of eyeglasses to control the vision.
  • bell


    Amblyopia is commonly known as lazy eye, which means one eye has weaker vision than the other eye. Strabismus is a misalignment of the eyes, the eyes may cross or drift up or out. Hence, people also call it as crossed eye. Both of the eye disorders are easier to be seen in children than adults. On the other side, amblyopia is detected during an eye exam by finding a difference in the vision between the two eyes. Strabismus is usually recognized as a crossing or drifting out of one or both eyes. The drifting may be constant or intermittent.
  • clive


    Well, as far as I know, the most distinctive difference between lazy eyes and cross eyes is that, the former is resulted from a lot of work and a lack of sleep, while the latter will not enable your both eyes to concentrate on one object. You see? The former is temporary whereas the latter is a disease. So, you should take immediate and reliable actions to tackle the problem. Hope you recover before long.