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Are titanium glasses durable?

Is there anyone who has bought titanium glasses? Are they really durable, unbreakable and light weight? What is your opinion?
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  • ryan


    Well, as a matter of fact, titanium has been widely applied to making glasses frames in the world. Indeed, it has got excellent duration which is not easily broken. Also, by wearing titanium frames, you will have no allergic reactions to your face and eyes. And actually, titanium glasses frames are very light and would be very comfortable to wear. I find it really amazing, but a little bit expensive.
  • James


    The titanium equips the characters of high intensity, low density; the mechanical behavior is pretty great! The toughness and the anti-corrosion are both very good with it. It is really hard to get transformed just because the above characters, the productive technology of titanium are very complicated. In the fields of aerospaceplane industry, this kind of material has a range application. It has more than two times hardness than the ordinary steel. It has excellent bending and hard to get transformation. It is really durable and as light as plastic material to produce glasses. The appearance of titanium frame of glasses will give people the feeling of official and commercial. It is the high-ended material for the glasses make. You are worth it!
  • Sharron Green


    Yes, titanium glasses are rather durable and light weight, they are highly flexible, they will recover at least 98% of their original shape if bent. They are stiff, and strong. Also, they are very light weight. Titanium eyeglasses are also hypo-allergenic, so they will not irritate your skin over time. Besides these, titanium eyeglasses have the following advantages, retains its color better than other glasses.