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Joshua arnold


Can anxiety cause dark circles under eyes?

Does anxiety cause dark circles under eyes? Why?
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  • Alexander david


    I'm pretty sure I'm going through the same thing that you are.It's definitely true that anxiety cause dark under eyes.Anxiety usually lead to really bad night mares the other night,lack of enough sleep and cause dark circles under your eyes.So if you want, maybe try moisturising under your eyes before bed, making sure you're staying hydrated during the day, and taking vitamins every day on the side.It works for me and hopefully it can have the same effect on you!
  • Luke shelley


    Well, yes, anxiety can cause dark circles under your eyes. Maybe you can not believe this. But according to some researches, it does cause the dark circles under your eyes. As we know that when you are anxious, you will feel stressed and also this can make some disorders in your body. In this way, you will not sleep well. And then it can lead to dark circles. So you should just pay more attention to it. To treat them, you can drink more lemon juice, olive oil which can be good for your eyes. Also, there are many other factors that can cause dark circles under eyes, such as the allergy and alcohol, lack of sleep. For your situation, lack of sleep is the big problem. So you should also pay attention to it. If the situation is serious, maybe you can go and ask the doctor to help you. Of course, you can also eat some watermelon which has the same effect on your eyes.
  • harris


    Yes, the anxiety may cause the dark circles under the eyes. As we know, the dark circles under the eyes may be caused by the not good blood circulation, lack of sleep and other reasons. If you get anxiety, your blood circulation will be hindered which will not give the full amount of blood to the eye parts. If you get anxiety often, you may get the dark circles under eyes.

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