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Can i get anti glare glasses at walmart?

I want to buy glasses that can protect my eyes from glares. Can i get such anti glare glasses at walmart? Or where can i get that glasses?
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  • anderson


    I suggest you go walmart vision center and consult their worker. In fact, anti glare glasses are just eyeglasses with anti-glare coating. The eyeglasses can filter glare so as to protect your eyes and give you clear vision. And this technically are widely spread that almost every eyeglasses shop can provide it. So, I believe you can get anti glare glasses at walmart.
  • Caroline


    Yes, of course, you can acquire what you want over there. It is wise for you to choose anti-glare glasses since they are resistant to harmful lights and could better protect your eyes and prevent you from getting dizzy or dazzled. Walmart is so large a retailer that you can simply find everything you want at a good price. Just pay a visit there and you will have trouble in not knowing which to buy.
  • Hebbe


    From the walmart online store, I don't see there is the anti glare glasses. Maybe it has been sold out. You could go to the amazon to have a look. The products there are in various types. And the quality is good and durable. In addition, it could offer you the suitable price.
  • Zoe


    Yes, you can get anti glare glasses at Walmart. IN fact, anti glare glasses is just eyeglasses that made with anti glare coated lenses. The eyeglasses can protect the eyes from glares and harsh light from computer screen. Some people take it as computer glasses for eye shielding. Even if you have no vision problem, you can have a pair to shield the eyes when you look at computer screen.
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