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Does anyone know if wheat allergy can cause dark circles?

Can wheat allergy cause dark circles? If so, how can i get rid of it ?
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  • Kimberly quick


    Yes, it could cause that. It can be proven that you have sensitivity to products containing wheat, when your eyes are watery, itchy and have dark rings around the eye area that are obvious symptoms of wheat allergy. Because a wheat allergy is an abnormal immune system reaction to one or more proteins found in wheat. The immune system has developed a special antibody to the gluten, which is an ingredient of wheat food. If you've been bombarding your system with wheat products for decades, your immune system could start turning against you. The best treatment for wheat allergy is avoiding exposure to wheat proteins by listing all wheat and gluten food.
  • gary


    Well, generally speaking, wheat allergy can cause dark circles under your eyes. Maybe many people have known that dark circles are due to the stress you have. And also others think dark circles can be caused by unbalanced life habits. Well, it is right. But on the other hand, you also should know that dark circles under the eyes can be caused by wheat allergies too. as we know that dairy products and yeast are also guilty. So people can go for years and into middle age without showing symptoms at all and then they will burst upon you. In some cases, children will show the allergy symptoms almost immediately. At this moment, you should boost your iron intake and cut down on the wheat and the problem should clear up. Of course, if your symptom is related to other factors like the stress. You just need take a good rest, and eat some more fruits and using moisture is also effective.