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Does anyone know home remedies for severe eye pain?

I have severe eye pain especially after reading e-book. Why? Can you tell me some home remedies that to help release my eye pain?
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  • John Rodriguez


    Having eye pain after reading e-book could be caused by eye fatigue. That situation can be solved by yourself at home. Just avoid reading e-book for a long time, have a regular break of reading e-book for every half hour. And keep at least 40cm between your eyes and e-book. Do some eye exercises, such as stretches when your eyes feel painful.
  • cmg6891


    That's because you had been focusing on the e-book for too long without intervals or moving away to other directions which caused eye strain. Here are the home remedies for you: 1.Apply cold compress to your eyes 10 to 20 minutes per time, three times a day. 2.Close your eyes for a while. 3.Massage to relax your eye muscles. 4.Exercise your eyes by roling and blinking your eyes. 5.Drip some lubricant eye drops.
  • williams


    Ok , so sorry to know that you are suffering a lot of pain from reading too much thing on a electronic device. It is true that such stuff would make your eyes damaged, because they constantly give out harmful ray and radiation to your eyes, leading to decreased vision in the long run. Thus I recommend that you try not to read it anymore until you are finally recovered. And try to get vitamins and healthy foods for yourself. Meanwhile, you should get more rest and take eye drops. If needed, you should get some medical help.

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