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Can too much sodium cause bags under eyes?

I heard that too much sodium consumption can cause eye bags under my eyes. Does it really happen? Why?
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  • Alexa joyce


    It was found that taking too much salt can make face swell, cause under eye bags, and puffy eyes, accompanied by soreness and itching because of over intake of sodium, the important part of salt. Also, taking too much sodium can cause the burden of kidney, and then cause eye bags. So, avoid eating too salty food in your daily life.
  • exxxtazzzy


    Yes, it is true that too much salt intake can make your under-eye bags puffier. That's because too much sodium may cause fluid retention, which results in puffy bags under eyes. What's worse, too much sodium can cause malfunction of blood circulation, kidney disease, and cataract. P.S. Foods that contain much salt include: bouillon cubes,soy sauce, salami, bacon, cheese, sundried tomatoes.
  • Jean


    Well, yes, too much sodium will just lead to eye bags under your eyes. According to some researches, a diet high in sodium will just cause fluid retention. And in that way, it will affect your eyes, leading to eye bags under eyes. so you should pay more attention to some foods high in salt such as potato chips, pickles, soy protein products, processed lunch meat, canned vegetables, and teriyaki sauce. Of course, baggy eyes can mess with your self-confidence and make you feel unattractive. So you should try some ways to treat it. For example, you can have some black seed oil which can be effective to it. Also, warm compresses can be good too. By the way, lack of sleep, smoking can cause eye bags too. Just be careful about it.
  • Nick Peterson


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