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Is it normal for newborns to have goopy eyes?

I just see a newborn baby has goopy eyes. Is this normal? Or is there any treatment can help him?
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  • Benjamin gary


    Well, in some degree, I have to say that it is also possible for newborn to have goopy eyes. And generally speaking, in daily life, it is very normal for adults to have goopy eyes. And for the causes, irritants can be the most common one. And in detail, allergic conjunctivitis, exposure to irritants such as chemical fumes, pollens, and dust can be the factors too. But for newborn baby, it can be fine. And it will just disappear in several days. And if it still exists, maybe some wet compresses are needed.
  • Kimberly quick


    Well, there are several possible situations for babies who have mucus on his eyes. Check which one fits for your baby. 1.It is due to the direction of his growing eyelashes. It is likely that his growing eyelashes rub his eyes and stimulate them to secrete mucus. In this case, all you need is to gently wipe out the mucus with wet and warm towel. 2. Some babies are born with vernix caseosa which serve as the protection of his skin and will disappear itself. In this case, just leave it alone. 3.The baby may be suffering from blocked tear duct.Massage and clean for him. When this won't work, go to see a doctor.
  • Jason lester


    It's a abnormal phenomenon for newborns to get goopy eyes. I think the small baby has got Neonatal conjunctivitis which is caused by some microorganisms such as chlamydia and aureus, because their discharge from the eyes is much more than adults. To help the newborns, my suggestions are to wash hands before contact baby firstly. Then, cleaning their eyes with saline or 3% boric acid water three times a day; Finally, according to the kind of bacteria, choosing suitable eye drops which including antibiotics.