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Does working in the dark hurt your eyes?

Is it OK to work in the dark? Does working in the dark hurt your eyes? How?
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    Yes, working in the dark does hurt your eyes. Because people depend on a cell named cone cell to see things clearly, however, the cell functions under the condition of ample light. In the dark, the function of the cone cell is greatly restrained, so people cannot see things clearly. Under such circumstance, eyes adjust themselves with the ciliary muscle. Over a long period of time, the adjustment of ciliary muscle becomes stronger, which could lead to the spasm of the ciliary muscle, then you will feel an ache in your eyes, worse still, it even causes ocular hyperemia. Therefore, do not work in the dark as far as possible because it hurts your eyes much and you may become myopic.
  • Alexandra


    There is no any scientific evidence that working in dark hurt your eyes. But how can you work in dark condition since you may see nothing in dark. So, if you need to do some work, you shall turn on light so as to help you finish your work good and quick. If there is no light or anything lighting you, you'd better not do it in dark since you may make it in a mess in dark.
  • Michelle


    Absolutely it does not exactly hurt your eyes. In ancient times, people read and write all ways in dim light, such as by candlelight or with gas or kerosene lamps. However good light is good for your eye protection indeed. Many of us have deep misunderstandings of eye harmful factors. Many of us believe that eat carrots is helpful for vision because of rich vitamin A in them, however, in the world exists many fruits and vegetables contain rich Vitamin A. So, a well-balanced diet is just Ok., a excellent site, which offer you much more information about your questions.