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Caleb murphy


What are home remedies for episcleritis ?

I suffered episcleritis. I feel so upset. Do you know any good home remedies that can help me?
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  • candylndsuicide


    Episleritis is the inflammation of the tissue connecting conjunctiva and sclera of eyes. It is still unclear that what causes episcleritis, but it can heal on its own without requirement of other treatment. It gives red eyes to patients, which is quite similar to conjunctivitis, but no thick discharge. Although it requires no treatment, you can take some actions to help relieve the symptoms. You can apply some anti-inflammatory agents, lubricants or chilled artificial tears which helps reduce irritation and discomforts. There are some natural herbs which can help speed up the recovery, like Aspalathus linearis, Vaccinium myrtillus and Echinacea.
  • Jordyn


    It is really bad for you to get spiscleritis which should be received high attention. You need to use some eyes drops with anti-inflammation to get rid of the inner bacterium. You could also use the warm compress which will be so comfortable. You could just choose the clean cloth and warm water to finish this.
  • b2sweet16


    Episcleritis is an inflammatory condition of the episclera. Studies have shown that women are more affected by episcleritis than men which often occurs in people who are in their 30's and 40's. Mild eye pain, redness and watery eyes are the most common symptoms of episcleritis. While the causes include irritation, stress, allergies and hay fever. Actually, it can be healed by itself. You also can drop some artificial tears to reduce pain and remove redness. Saline solutions can be used when you feel discomfort or pain. The solutions can be chilled and used to soothe the inflamed area. Eating some vitamins are still works for it.