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What happens if base curve of contact lenses is too big?

I have bought a pair of contact lenses. But my doctor said that the base curve of the contact lenses is too big for me. So, What will happen if i wear the lenses?
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  • Mariah


    Though many people who wear contact lenses usually ignore the base curve of contact lenses, it is very important. If the base curve of the contact lenses is too big, the contacts won't sit perfectly om the eyes. It will moves around in your eyes and also make you uncomfortable. This is the reason why you need to take an eye examination for prescription before you buy contact lenses.
  • Jack percy


    If the base curve of the contact lenses is too big for you, you'd better not wear them. If you still wear them, they may fall down easily in your unconscious state. And your eyes may feel dry easily. Thus, you'd better not wear it. You could change the suitable one with the right base curve of the contact lenses.
  • Nancy


    Well, it looks like you have bought a wrong pair of contact lenses. So, if you insist on wearing those contact lenses, your vision could be worsened, and you are going to feel dizzy and very uncomfortable, along with a few more symptoms, so my advice for you is to abandon them or give them away to those in need. I believe another pair of contacts is affordable to you.
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