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Do polarized lenses block blue light?

I have head that blue light can harm our eyes and I wonder if polarized lenses can block blue light.
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  • Luis lewis


    Regular tinted sunglass lenses only reduce ambient light that reaches the eye, or, light transmittance. A new type of polarized lenses now reduces glare, protects against UV rays of the sun, and blocks blue light, too. SunRx polarized melanin lenses are a new innovation that come in brown tints, and block blue light, which some doctors think can add to the development of age-related macular degeneration, which can result in blindness. These lenses should become more readily available in many polarized sunglasses soon.
  • walkinpaperdoll


    Yes. Too much blue light is harmful to our eyes because they may damage our retinas. And not all polarized sunglasses can prevent the blue light rays from reaching our eye. However, there is a new type of polarized lenses called SunRx polarized melanin lenses which come in brown tints. These lenses will be available in many polarized sunglasses soon, which can block out the harmful blue light.

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