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Where can I test if my sunglasses offers 100% UV protection?

I bought a pair of Fossil sunglasses about a year ago and forgott whether or not they had a sticker on them indicating they offer 100% UV protection. Is there a way to check if they can offer 100% UV protection?
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  • Caitlin lee


    You can take it to the optician and ask them to check it. Most places have a UV meter and can tell how much protection your lenses can provide. Most well-known brand sunglasses can offer 100% UV protection.
  • Katie


    When you go to buy sunglasses, you will see a label saying "100% UV protection" on the sunglasses. As long as the sunglasses have this kind of label, it indicates that they can provide 100% UV protection. Generally speaking, all the sunglasses should have full UV protection, even they are the cheapest sunglasses.

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