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Where can I find best deals on eye exams and glasses?

My prescription has expired and I need a new eye exam and a new pair of glasses. Where can I find best deals on eye exams and glasses?
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  • Eliza


    You can find best deals on eye exams and glasses at costco. The optometrists at costco are independent, so you can get eye exam there for a cheaper cost. The eye exam at costco will cost you from $45 for eyeglasses and $75 for contact lenses, which is very cheaper than other optical stores. Just go to to find a location near you and then make an appointment with the optometrist. Another best place to get eye exam with a lower price is America's Best Contact and Eye Glasses. You can also go to have a look there.
  • Melissa duncan


    You can look for local Wal-Marts. Some Wal-Mart have optical departments in which you can get eyeglasses and contact lenses with an eye exam for a decent price. Just go on, you can see they also provide pretty good selection of frames that you can choose a pair easily. Aside from Wal-Marts, Costco is also the best place to have an eye exam for both contact and eyeglasses or just for eye checked.