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Jacob adams


how to take good care of designer sunglasses?

I have got a pair of designer sunglasses. This is my first pair of designer sunglasses. I know it is expensive. So, how can i take good care of the designer sunglasses?
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  • Erin rupert


    The expensive sunglasses need to be taken good care of. You should firstly have the sunglasses box at hand. After you don't need to wear the sunglasses, you should put it in the sunglasses box to avoid the dust or the scratches. Then you should keep the habit of cleaning it by the cloth. In addition, you'd better wash its lenses at a regular time to make the lenses keep shine.
  • Angela


    In order to take good care of your designer sun glasses. There's some way to help you, please follow them. It would be washed by clean water. It's simple to clean the sun glasses, washing it with clean water after wearing. Then softly wipe the water which remain in the glasses, put it in a ventilated place to blow dry. If there's some oil stain attached in the lenses, apply a little drop of liquid soap and use water to wash after it, which will be ok to get rid of it. But please pay attention that the dry cloth can not use to rub the surface of lenses to prevent from scratch and the increasing of blur area. Make sure the glasses are put in the shade and cool place other than under the blazing sun for quite a long time for the sake of deformation possibility. The resin lenses of sunglasses are not so durable, so the method of water washing is better than cloth rubbing. Thus the lenses would be clean and the scratching will be effectively avoided. These methods could make your glasses very clean with great view and no worries of scratching.
  • Brandon


    Well, looks like it really cost you big money right? So, if you wanna take care of it and promote its duration, there are some things you should do. Firstly, try to take a glass case with you whenever possible, you don't wanna expose it to something hard right. Secondly, try to softly clean the lenses with a cloth. The last thing you should do is to use it properly, don't put it about and enjoy your designer glasses, because we are going to use it, not going to be anxious about it right?