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How to change eye color without contacts?

I want blue eyes. But actually i have brown eyes. I know i can wear colored contact lenses to help me. But is there other way i can make it through? I don't want to wear contact lenses all the time.
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  • Mackenzie


    People usually like using contact lenses to change eye color directly, however, it's not good for keep eye health. Hence, there are some other alternatives can be used for changing eye colors indirectly. The most effective way is to consult an ophthalmologist for iris implant, which can alter the appearance of your eyes. Or you can make unusual eye makeup color to achieve this goal, for example, you can wear blue colored shades make your eyes more bright and blue. And you can change your clothes color to stand out your skin, especially your eyes.
  • rommel abad


    Sorry, I don't know another way to help you change your eyes' color except wearing the colored contact lenses. You may find it is not safe to wear the contact lenses because of the direct touch between the eyes and the contact lenses. If you keep the good habit of hygiene, wearing colored contacted lenses will not only help you solve the vision problem but also make your eyes look blue and beautiful.