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How to find a good laser eye surgeon?

I'm planning to get laser eye surgery to correct my myopia but I have no idea how to find a good laser eye surgeon.
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  • Carlos


    LASIK eye surgery can help us recover vision to a bright world. To get success LASIK eye surgery, choosing a good laser eye surgeon is very important. There are two main factors will help you check the qualifications and abilities of a laser eye surgeon: Licensing. You shall check if a surgeon's have state licensing boards. Board certification. If a surgeon has Board certification, that means an entity recognized by the American Board of Medical Specialties.
  • emily_109


    You can ask the past patients of the surgeon to get more references, thus you can determine whether they are qualified or not. A good laser eye surgeon should be experienced enough in the procedure and you can find out how many procedures they have done to determine whether they are good laser eye surgeons or not. Moreover, a good laser eye surgeon are honest to let you know all the risks and complications of the laser surgery.

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