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How much is an eye exam at costco?

I have had the same eyeglasses prescription for more than 2 years and i think I need new eye exam now. How much does it cost at costco?
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  • Scott M.


    Costco eye exams are pretty cheap compared to most optometrists. You can usually find deals and special prices online as well. I used to go to Wal Mart Vision Center to get my eye exams but started going to Costco at the beginning of 2013. I usually get an eye exam every 6 months so I try to find special deals online. There are a few websites such as that offer Costco eye exam coupons. Check the internet and try to find some deals.
  • Benjamin gary


    Usually, it cost about 50 to 60 dollars for most of vision care center. I have take eye exam at costco last years, (the exam not cover a contact lens exam), and they charge me 49 dollars. An i saw their glasses frames are sold around $40 up to $140, it is more expensive than some online glasses shop. So i take my prescription and purchased a pair from with lenses than $50 (cover glasses frames and lenses).
  • hands4god


    Eye exam at costco would range from $50 - $150 depending on what type of eye exam you want to get. However, the most basic eye exam will cost between $50 and $60. So if you just have the basic eye exam, it is much cheap to get eye exam at costco. You can just have an eye exam at costco in your local place. If you can't find costco in your local place, you can go to have an eye exam at walmart which also offer eye exam with lower prices.
  • Zoe


    I can not make sure but I've heard that the cost of the basic eye exam is between $50 and $60. Also you can get eye exam discount by search costco coupon online. Also, you can obtain eye exam at Walmart, lenscrafters, etc. Once, I took an eye text at Costco, the dr. is nice.
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