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How to clean vintage glasses frames?

I have a pair of quality vintage eyeglasses, how can I clean the frame so that it won't be broken easily?
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  • amanda


    If you have a pair of quality vintage eyeglasses, you will need to know how to clean the frames. In order to clean vintage eyeglasses frames, you will need: cloth water brush jewelry polish Examine the eyeglasses frames. Thoroughly look over your vintage frames. Take note of any imperfections or damage. This may alter the way you have to clean them. If you see any damage that may cause the frames to break, attempt to repair it. Tighten the screws and hinges for preventative measures. Determine what material the eyeglasses frames are made of. Sometimes, the type of material your glasses are made of may be located on the frame. If you are unsure of the material, so some research by going online or you can go to your local department store and inquire about your frames. Use the proper cleaning solution according to what your frames are made of. If your frames are made out of metal, you can more than likely use a jewelry polish without damaging them. Make sure you carefully read the directions on the polish and follow them concisely. If your frames are made of a rare or unknown material. use a soft cloth and water. Use a brush with natural bristles to remove and dirt or debris that isn't responding to water. Clean the lenses. After cleaning the frames, clean the lenses with lens cleaner or a soft cloth. Some of the debris from the frames may have accumulated on them. Sources:
  • Vanessa


    vintage glasses are easy to be damaged because they are years to decades old. So when you clean them, you should be much more carefully. First, make sure what kind of material your vintage glasses are made of. Then choose proper clean solution for your glasses. If your vintage glasses frames are made of metal, you can use a jewelry polish to clean them without damaging them. However, you should follow the instructions of the polish when cleaning them. If your glasses frames are made of a rare materia or you don't know the material at all, just use a soft cloth and water to remove the dirt or debris.

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