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How to wear a fringe with glasses?

I have fringe. But it looks strange when i wear my eyeglasses with a fringe. So, can you tell me how to wear a fringe with eyeglasses?
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  • dale


    It is true sometimes those fringe would give you a lot of trouble. Anyway, I recommend that you should cut your fringe a little bit, so as to leave some space for you eyeglasses. Generally speaking, this would work out your problem, but if it does not work. I recommend that you try to get a pair of contact lenses or cut your fringe.
  • Marc


    You could try the tilted fringe to make yourself look good when wearing the eyeglasses. Usually the tilted fringe will make you look good and knowledge at the whole looking. You could also add some hair accessories to make your whole look seem special and unique. You could take the tilted fringe into consideration. You may find that it will be suitable with the eyeglasses.

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