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What causes headaches after prk surgery?

I just took a prk surgery. But right now, i get headaches. What causes it? Is something wrong during the prk surgery?
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  • carpediem__


    Well, generally speaking, the headache is normal after you have taken the prk surgery. According to some researches, headache can be caused by some reasons, such as the eye strain. And you should know that if you have taken eye surgery, your eyes will be sensitive. So if you overuse your eyes, it will lead to high eye pressure and eye strain. In that way, it can put stress on the eye muscles and the facial and scalp muscles. In some cases, it will affect your brain nerve system. In that way, it causes pain and headache. After the surgery, you are not supposed to take some heavy exercises, or it can be dangerous to your eyes, making your headache worse. For your situation, you can use some eye drops on your eyes.
  • Shelby rodney


    Well, as you can see, prk surgery is supposed to improve your vision and save you from the brink of blindness. So, there are inevitably some side effects of the surgery and some lasting negative impacts, such as watery eyes, blurred vision, red eyes,complications, headaches as well. The problem might be resulted from multiple reasons, such as higher eye pressure or infections. So you have to take a medical exam so see what led to it, thus to take better measures.
  • Isabelle garcia


    Yes, it is very possible for you to cause the headaches after the prk surgery if you don't take care of your eyes. The brain will control the eye nerves which will on the reverse affect the brain. After the prk surgery, the eye nerves and eye pressure are not stable. You could find that you will have the eyes infection easily if you don't protect the eyes carefully. You should not use the eyes too much after the surgery.

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