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Caitlin owen


How long do coloured contact lenses last?

I want to buy colored contact lenses and i'm wondering how long will it last?
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  • walgreensunder


    It depends on what colored contact lenses you buy and where you get them. Some are disposable colored contact lenses that can only wearing for one time. But there is other colored contact lenses that can last from three months to a year depend on their types. So, you'd better ask the sellers or ask someone who prescribed the colored contact lenses to you.
  • anderson


    Well, it is very difficult to say the exact time for colored contacts. But generally speaking, it can last about a year. First, you should know that it can last one year, only when you keep good hygiene and don't wear them everyday for the entire year. And also you continue keeping them clean. Besides, it is important for you to blink frequently for if you do not blink frequently they will dry out and start to blur. And in some cases, it can possibly give you a bad infection. In addition, it depends on the brand you choose. For the sake of the safety, you should wear them with high quality. So that it can be safer for your eyes.
  • John Rodriguez


    It is good for you to try colored contacts since they are beautiful and could make your eyes appear more attractive at any rate. So, the duration of the contact lenses actually varies from this one to that one. Generally speaking, there are few disposable colored contacts , and most of them could last for about 3 months, at least. Some quality ones could serve about half a year, if properly kept.
  • Ethan edward


    It depends on the kinds of colored contact lenses you choose. If you choose lenses with increased oxygen transmissibility and good quality, this kind of lenses can last for three to five years. Because this kind of lenses is not easy to attach with fat lipid, protein, dust and so on. So it can keep lenses much cleaner. The good quality can help them keep longer as well. If you choose soft contact lenses, this kind of lenses can last for eight months only. However, specialists suggest people to choose the lenses used shorter period, because it is safer for your eyes.