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Jade james


What are the reasons for crusty eyes in the morning?

My daughter is 12 weeks old and i noticed that her right eye had been crusty when she wakes up in the morning. What is causing this?
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  • coldshadow05


    It is normal to have crusty eyes in the morning both for babies and adults. Crusty stuff that appears in the corner of your eyes after you sleep for a long time because your eyelashes actually work like windshield wipers. They will remove the stuff like tears that goes into your eyes. However, when you are asleep, your eyelashes will not do this. So you get the “gunk” in your eyes. But if the eye is red, puffy, and she has a hard time opening or closing the eye, it could be pink eye. You should take her to see an doctor.
  • Holly


    The crusty eyes are often the result of eye discharge the build up and finally dried out over night. The discharge is to moisten and protect your eyes so that a small amount of crusty is normal. And eye infections, such as conjunctivitis, may also cause this kind of situation. According to what you said, your baby have one eye with crusty. That means it is not serious, some eye drops may do a help. However, crusty morning eyes can be a sign of other eye conditions. So I suggest you to bring you baby to see a doctor. Any problems concerning eyes should be paid special attention.
  • Vanessa george


    The person who has crusty eye is a common situation in the morning. The crusty eye is caused by a few reasons. Normally, the eye discharge which happens and continuous dries the whole night would cause crusty eye. And the eye infection can cause the crusty eye due to the bacterial or viruses cause in one of the eyes, such as pink eyes. Additionally, the eye allergy can increase eye discharge of eyes to cause crusty eye. You had better use some eye drops or wash your eyes clearly to treat this situation.

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