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What kind of vintage glasses are good for kids?

My daughter love fashionable glasses. She told me she want vintage glasses. So, what kind of vinatge glasses are suitable for her? Any recommendation?
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  • Michelle


    As your daughter loves fashionable and vintage glasses,Vintage VN0104 083 Purple Horn Clear is suitable for her.This kind of glasses is the perfect choice for fashionista's collection.With a flecked chocolate brown cateye that fades into a bright berry purple, this style will definitely stand out.A large number of children wear this glasses around us.Besides,favorably price is that charming from $60.00-$70.00. You can buy it from online stores or physical stores.In my opinion,online store is preferable as it gives you many more choices and various styles. This is the official website of the kind of vintage glasses that i recommend. I hope you like it.Thank you !
  • walkn0nsunshine


    vintage glasses are made with the inspiration of the past style of eyeglasses. And there are several styles of vintage eyeglasses that are very popular right now such as, cat eye style, wayfarer style, round style and horn rimmed style. If your are very young, you can choose round vintage glasses that will flatter them like Harry Potter. If your kids are teenager, you can buy black wayfarer glasses to them. Anyway, you can ask your kids' opinion first.
  • David garcia


    Well, it is hard to say what types your girl will be suitable for. Generally speaking, we can easily find that there are many kinds of vintage eyeglasses frames. Nowadays, many fashionable vintage eyeglasses frames are available in the market. And mostly, the vintage frames are made of high quality. Of course, many people choosing vintage eyeglasses want to make them look stylish and fashionable. In my opinion, for your daughter, you can buy the cat eye styles for her. But on the other hand, when you should the glasses, right frames with right face shape are very essential. For example, if your girls are round face, you may have to choose round frames for her. Anyway, it all depends on her face shape and the her own choice.

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