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Matthew baker


Does eye mask help dark circles under eyes?

Does anyone know if an eye mask work for dark circles? Any idea?
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    Dark circles is mostly caused by sleepless so i must say keeping enough sleep is the best and most important way to reduce dark circles. However using eye mask with preventing dark circle functions is also necessary, even it can not sufficiently eliminate dark circles , it does help to reduce a little. And if you keep doing for a long time in addition with good sleep, i think you will find surprise.
  • california_babi


    It is possible that eye mask can help dark circles under eyes in some way. Usually, wearing eye mask can help people achieve good sleep at night thus to help prevent and reduce dark circles. If you want to reduce your dark circles under eyes, you can also use other home remedies such as cucumber or potato puree, and tea bags etc. You can have a try.
  • b0wfing3r


    Well, it can I suggest you to select the eye mask with reliable quality. Then you can look up the functions and comments online to decide which one to buy. In addition, you mustn't often stay up too late, or even the best eye masks could not play the role. By the way, since there are many kinds of eye masks, cool eye mask will work for dark circles.

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