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Christian george


Should i wear my glasses on my wedding day?

I have high myopia and i wear glasses everyday. Do you think i should wear glasses on my wedding day? Is it ok? What am i supposed to do?
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  • Catherine


    Wedding day is one of the most important days in the life for all women, so every bride hopes that she will look perfect and be the most beautiful one in the wedding. I don't think it's a good idea to wear glasses on wedding days. It is obvious that brides look more beautiful without glasses than with them. Wearing contact lenses instead of glasses is a way to the best to both worlds. In addition, in the several days approaching your wedding, you can apply masks to help your skin to present the perfect state. Enough sleeping is also important or you will look fatigued. Wish you have a perfect wedding
  • b1ttersw33t7


    there are 3 possible ways, one way is not to wear glasses on wedding day. Second way is wear glasses but ask fashion designer for a matchable hair style which might help cover up the glasses as much as possible. Third way i am wondering is it possible for you to wear contact. There is special made contact for high myopia but you should book it one month before wedding day in order to get contact for sure. If you choose way, it might cause you inconvenience or embarrassment sometimes. In case to avoid that i suggest you try second way or third way.
  • Nancy


    It is just your choices. You can wear eyeglasses on that special days. But till now, i never saw bride who wear eyeglasses on one's wedding day. If you want to be more beautiful on the wedding day, you can buy prescription colored contact lenses that can give you a very nice look. Hope this help.

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