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How to sleep after retinal detachment surgery?

What is the right sleep posture after retinal detachement surgery?
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  • Sharron Green


    Keep good posture while sleep after retinal detachment surgery is hardest part of recovery following your surgery. But it is very important. Usually, patients required to keep face down positioning after retina surgery so as to provide support to seal the holes in your retina. So, if you want to lie down, try to laying face down with your operated side hanging over your pillow in order to avoid pressure on the eye.
  • Luis williams


    After you get retinal detachment surgery, you should always keep your head down position like always looking at the floor during the recovery time. When you sleep, try to lay your face down and get a pillow to hang over your operated side so that the operated eye won't be pressed. You'd better go to get face down pillows that are designed for help recovery after retinal detachment surgery. Usually you need to keep your face down for up to several weeks after surgery.
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