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Faith cook


Why does water come out of my eye when i blow my nose

When I blow my nose, why do my eyes begin watering? How to stop my eyes from watering?
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  • come__tomorrow


    As we know, the nerves in nose, throat and eyes are interlinked. We'd better not stimulate any one of them. Once you blow your nose, the eye nerves may be stimulated. That is why the eyes become watering. After a while, it will become normal. Thus take it easy and have a good rest for the eyes.
  • Aaron may


    It is really rare cases like that. Personally, you may have an eye infection or get eye allergies, or watery eyes. You'd better see a doctor and have your eyes checked so as to make cure what's going on of your eyes. Then, the doctor can give your the right suggestion to treat your eyes. For the sake of your eyes, just go and see a doctor.

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