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Where is the best place to buy glasses for kids?

I am planning to buy a pair of durable eyeglasses for my kids. In fact, i have bought 3 pairs plastic eyeglasses to him in half a year. But he has broken it. So i plan to buy metal one. Any idea? Where is the best place to buy glasses for kids?
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  • Kaylee tuener


    I suggest you not to buy the metal eyeglasses for your kids because it is too heavy which may leave nose prints. Although it is durable than the plastic eyeglasses, it will make the kids feel uncomfortable. About where you buy the glasses for kids, you can go to the online store to have a look. Because the price there is suitable and the kids will often change the eyeglasses, the online store is the best place for you to have a look.
  • Trinity rose


    Kids tend to lose or break their glasses more than others, so I think it is very considerable if the glasses are free to repair or they have guarantee or something. Target is a good choice for you I think. They offer some special services for kid's eyewear as you can see on their website: $25 children's eyeglass lenses 90-day guarantee Eye exam guidelines: Not sure how often you should get your child's eyes checked? Schedule exams based on the recommendations below. Or you can go to this address : They have different kinds of glasses and frames for kids so that you will have a lot of choices. And most of their children's frames are made of tatanium or bendable material which makes children's glasses extra strong.