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Caleb murphy


How long does it take for a subconjunctival hemorrhage to heal?

It seems i have popped some blood vessels in my right eye. I'm wondering how long will subconjunctival hemorrhage go away?
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  • garcia


    Usually, subconjunctival hemorrhage do not need a treatment, the blood becomes absorbed in time, and the eye will becomes clear again. And unless your eye has been seriously damaged, the redness in your eye may clear in a week, sometimes it takes as long as about 3 weeks to go away. Usually, subconjunctival hemorrhages just happen with no clear cause and so it can't be easily prevented. However, there are still some ways to prevent this problem as the following method: 1.Do not rubbing your eyes when you feel something in it. Instead, wait for your own tears to wash out it or use eyedrops 2. Avoid lifting very heavy objects. 3. When appropriate, wearing safety goggles to protect your eyes from injury and to keep out particles that could irritate your eyes.
  • eddy


    In most cases, it will takes one to two weeks to clears. It need time for hemorrhage disappears as well as the affected area that can change color, like bruise. If your eyes got subconjunctival hemorrhage, keep in mind that never to rub your eyes because it can increase the risk of re-bleeding right after the onset, Or you can try to use some lubricant eye drops to help you soothe the eyes.
  • walkentall


    The symptom of blood vessels in your right eyes is the performance of subconjunctival hemorrhage. The subconjunctival hemorrhage under conjunctiva can be caused by the imperceptible blood-vessel rupture. The outside corneal may have the conjunctival encase oppression. Combined with its own blood coagulation reaction and not too much amount of bleeding, the color red does not have the obvious symptom. And it won't infect, with no effect of contagiousness. The eye conjunctival blood vessels are so weak, which can be broken by external force and fracture. In this modern time, too much time of use in front of computers may cause this. It does not need special treatment. But you should pay attention to the appropriate protection, generally three weeks will be OK because it can absorb the blood vessels in the eyes.