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What are spring hinges glasses?

What is the difference between spring hinge glasses and regular ones?what are they used for?
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  • cristoph


    Spring hinge eyeglasses offer wider range to accommodate and bend without being broken off. They don't have particular use, they are just more durable than the regular glasses.
  • Mya baker


    Spring hinge glasses have special spring at the place of the hinge which makes the temple more bendable and unbreakable compared to regular glasses. It is ones preference to choose spring hinge glasses or regular glasses. For me, I'd like to choose regular glasses, for spring hinge glasses are too mature for me.
  • handsome____boy


    The regular glasses need your both hands to put them on. Sometimes your left hand is occupied by other stuff, and then you will feel troublesome because you must use both hands to put on your glasses. However, the spring hinges glasses can help you put your glasses on with one hand. The springs embedded at the meeting point of the frames and temples will push the temples right at place, erect and firm, at the lightest motion you give them. Such convenience is only shadowed by their enormous durability.
  • Dylan duncan


    Spring hinge glasses frames allow the temple part of the frame to move back and forth. It adds comfort and will protect your glasses from breaking. These hinges are equipped with a small spring that affords the arms a greater range of movement and does not limit them to the traditional, 90 degree angle. These hinges provide greater comfort for the wearer and are more able to withstand everyday use. Most Spring Hinges are constructed with 3 barrels and can be equipped to any kind of frame materials such as metal, plastic, acetate and so on.

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