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What size of lens should I choose for progressive glasses?

I heard that progressive glasses are much larger than the regular ones,so I want to know what size of lens should I choose ?
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  • Jeff


    The glasses frame should be greater than 30mm in size, otherwise it will not be high enough to make your progressives. I don't use progressives even though i have both myopia and presbyopia cuz i don't love big size glasses.
  • Dylan


    You may choose the frame height greater than 32mm so that can ensure you clear vision, otherwise the progressive lenses cannt be able to be put into the frames. Bifocals and progressives are both available for large sized frames.
  • b3l0ng524nna


    Unlike with bifocals and trifocals, which really require large-size frames, the use of progressive lenses allows many eyeglass wearers to choose smaller frames; the technology involved in progressive lenses already makes it possible to have enough space for the glasses' nearer area for reading and the farther area for looking at a distance. Although larger frames generally allow for better optical coverage, the person preferring a smaller frame can be accommodated; the eye care professional can measure the frame and lenses to determine the kind of progressive lens that will work best in the specific smaller frame preferred.