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Kimberly quick


Can I wear computer glasses all the time?

I wonder if I can wear the computer even I am not working on them.Would it do harm to my eyes?
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  • walgru


    If your computer is non-prescription, I mean, if you don't use your computer glasses for vision correction for intermediate distance, it is unharmful to wear computer glasses all the time. But if you have prescription on your computer glasses, it is not recommended for you to wear it all the time or it will worsen your vision.
  • Jeff


    Whether wearing computer glasses all the time would do harm to your eyes or not, you shouldn't do that because the computer glasses are prescribed for seeing a computer screen only. If you wear them all the time, you will find things blurry when you view distant and you may get headache. So only use your computer glasses while looking at a computer screen only.
  • lap



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