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Can i get prescription tinted bifocal glasses?

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  • Hunter jackson


    Yes you can. Just choose the frames available for bifocals (with the frame height greater than 32mm) and provide your prescription and select lens thickness, then make your lenses tinted to the color you like. You can get it not only from the local optical stores but also from online stores.
  • Jackson raphael


    Of course, you can get prescription bifocal glasses tinted. Prescription bifocals usually use gradient tints to get darker color on the upper portion of the lenses and make the color of the lower half of the lenses gradually becomes lighter.
  • Jordyn


    Yup, simply choose bifocal lenses for your frame and then ask the manufacturer to tint the lenses for you. If you're going to get them online, just select tints while choosing add-ons. Thats it!