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Can i buy polarized sunglasses at walmart?

My friend said polarized sungalsses are better than reuglar sunglasses. Is that true? Where can i buy it? Can i get polarized sunglasses at walmart?
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  • eagle_tester_3


    Yes. Of course. Why not? I just search online and see there are polarized sunglasses at Walmart. You can order them online. Of course, you can also go Walmart shop to buy it. And polarized sunglasses are better than regular sunglasses when it refers to protect eyes. Compared common sunglasses, polarized sunglasses can also filter glares that regular sunglasses can't. And you can find polarized sunglasses almost in every eyeglasses shop. So, good luck.
  • christraper


    The polarized sunglasses are more suitable for those guys who are driving or fishing. If you just buy a pair of sunglasses to wear when going out, you just choose the regular sunglasses. You could go to the walmart to buy one, because the price there is suitable and the service is good.
  • Carlos quick


    As far as I am concerned, polarized sunglasses are different from conventional ones. The biggest difference lies in the fact that they can help to remove some extra harmful lights , so that people can take in less harmful beams, especially for drivers. They are actually available in every large glasses store. Of course, that sort of sunglasses are always on sales in Walmart.

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