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What to expect after strabismus surgery in children?

What needs to be paid attention to after strabismus surgery in children?
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  • Anthony gary


    Strabismus surgery is applied to child who suffered from strabismus. People who suffered from the vision problem is caused by muscles not working in synch. To treat it, Strabismus surgery can help you achieve optimal vision later in life. And after the surgery, you need time for recovery. In the first 24-36 hours, you may feel pain in the eyes. So, you need have a rest and require eye drops. But you needn't eye patch any more. And at the first few days, you shall not attend to sports and other social activities for the sake of your eyes.
  • eddy


    Children' s vision is very precious so you really need yo be careful when something is wrong with your vision. If your kind gets strabismus, you need to take him to a professional eye doctor right away. I know that some kinds are born with strabismus and that is hard to cure. But your kid' s is developed in recent years, which can be till very hopeful. A strabismus correction surgery can solve the problem. But as you may also know, a good result still depends on your right measures that be taken after that surgery. Do not let your kid watch tv for at least half a month after that surgery and you had better make him rest at home so that he will not go out to play cuz even light can hurt his eyes at that time. Anyway, you had better consult the doctor what needs to be done after the surgery.

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