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Is it normal for your eye to wander?

Why does my eye wander sometimes? Is this situation normal?
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  • Gabriel peters


    It is abnormal to have eyes wander sometimes. From your description, It is possible caused by lazy eyes. But i can't determined if you are lazy eyes from watering eyes. To make sure, you'd better get a eye check by an optometrist. He can give you a correct answer after an eye check so that you can treat your eyes in a right way. Good luck.
  • Kaylee tuener


    According to your description, I have to guess that you may have a lazy eye. Because this is a very obvious symptom of a lazy eye. However, this is also very normal sometimes. Well, it just depends on how you treat it and what on earth you have got. Sometimes when you see a beauty on the street or when you see something beautiful, you will also get wandering eyes, hahaha, I guess you will know why? This is quite normal, please don' t take this behaviour as a kind of sickness or illness.