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Jacqueline hall


Does bbq smoke damage eyes?

Can the smoke from bbq do harm to your eyes?
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  • Alexander david


    It depends. When you BBQ, if you not stay smoke too close and too long, it won't affect your vision. But if you always stay there, you may feel dry eyes, itchy eyes and sore eyes etc. Besides, if you gonna to BBQ, you shall not wear contact lenses. It can be very dangerous if you make BBQ while wearing eyeglasses. The high temperature and smoke are possible damage the contact lenses in your eyes, thus causes eye damages.
  • california_lovv


    Of course. The heat from bbq can absolutely damage your eyes, let alone when you wear your contacts. There is a great chance for your eyes to get irritated when going on bbq. You should know that the temperature of the heat must be very high and full of oil, which can definitely harm your eyes. You had better rest once in a while when grilling. Or your eyes will get sore quite easily.
  • Alexandria


    Yes. A well-built fire adds a smoky complexity to grilled food yet also has the potential to aggravate your eyes-causing them to tear. Smoke is full of tiny particles and gasses. The wafting smoke from the grill transports these particles to your eyes, where reflex tears are produced to wash out these impurities. A gas grill tends to produce less smoke than a charcoal one. But if fat, marinades or juices drip into the fire of either one, smoke flares up.