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Faith fergus


What are benefits of mustard oil for eyes?

Is mustard oil good for our eyes? If so , what benefits can we get from it?
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  • Sally


    Yes, of course it is good for your eyes. As we know that mustard oil is just like other kind of oil, such as the black seed oil or rosehip oil, which are rich in vitamin e and k, so mustard oil can improve the skin and make the skin smooth. But on the other hand, they can also do a good job to your eyes. For example, they can reduce the dark circles under your eyes. So there are many people who are using the products made of mustard oil. So maybe you can also buy them and have a try. In a long term, it can decrease the risk of getting eye diseases.


    Yes, the mustard oil is good for the eyes. It is mainly good to the person's digestion function. With radish of enzyme action, it can promote gastrointestinal peristalsis. Thus it can quickly discharge the intestinal harmful substances from the stomachic. It do great help for cancer. In addition, the digestive function may indirectly cause the well work of eyes. The eyes may get moisture and feel comfortable.
  • Jackson


    Mustard oil is good for liver and can help improve vision. It can help eyes keep wet. Mustard contains carotene which is full of Vitamin A and vitamin B so it can cure Drxerophthalmia and nnyctothphlosis. So if you like mustard oil, just enjoy it. Just in the market it is not easy to buy 100% pure oil so should be careful when you are chosing.
  • Gyuu ghy


  • Gyuu ghy


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