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Can nearsightedness happen in a sudden?

I read for two hours yesterday,but everything seemed blurry, and darker in certain areas. Can it be nearsightedness or vision problems?
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  • Michelle leonard


    It is quite abnormal. As I know, nearsightedness may not happen in a sudden, but once happened it will last forever unless you do the lasik surgery. See an ophthalmologist as soon as possible. Maybe there is something wrong with your retina. Confirm this with your doctor.
  • tommy


    It is impossible that you get nearsightedness suddenly.If you found your vision blurry when you see something, you should visit your eye doctor and allow him to check your eyes as soon as possible.
  • Logan


    If you don't have vision problems before,it can't be nearsightedness. It is normal that you feel blurry and dark after a long time reading.You just need to relax and do some eye exercise ,it would be fine.
  • Joshua arnold


    It also happens to me when I read for a long time,it is not nearsightedness.You just need to relax your eyes.