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Dylan duncan


Do children with lazy eyes have to wear eye patch all day?

My child has one lazy eye. Does he have to wear the eye patch all day?
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  • Christopher giles


    No, children don't have to wear eye patch all day. There will not be extra benefit for children to wear eye patch as long as they can. Also children don't like to wear it so long. A study shows that wearing the patch for three to six hours a day was just as effective as wearing it for six to 12 hours a day.
  • Jada shelley


    No, it needn't. The children with lazy eyes just need to wear eye patch for 4 hours at maximum every day, and keep it for about 12 weeks to treat the lazy eyes. The lazy eyes are known as amblyopia, which means the eyes fail to transmit or poorly transmitted the optic nerve to the brain for a certain period. Normally, the kids with lazy eyes is below 6 can be easily treated by eye patch, which can improve eyes' ability to focus.
  • elmos_world_05


    Different ages have different ways to wear eye patch. The time of wearing an eye patch under the age of four can be reduced. The eye patch wearing over 12 weeks has no more benefits. Now the Medical Community proves that three hours to wear an eye patch, and keep 12 weeks is enough. There is a fully enclosed mask which effect is also good, and we call it as contact lenses. It is so beautiful to wear and does not affect the children' image either. Whatever, you still need regularly to check the function of children' eyes vision.