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How to prevent cataract from happening in the old age?Is there any way that we can reduce the risks of cataracts?

Cataracts are really boring, I see my grandmother suffers lots from cataract, i just wonder if there any precautions that we can do to reduce the risks of Cataracts in my latter life?
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  • Benson Dubois


    There are several reasons that may cause cataracts. Among them, long time exposure to sunlight will contribute to cataracts in one's old ages. To prevent cataracts or reduce the risk of cataracts, you can protect the eyes from strong sunshine especially in summer. So far, wearing sunglasses is the most common and effect way to shield eyes from sunlight. So, want to prevent cataract? Start from wearing sunglasses.
  • b3miine_x3


    Cataract in the old age is a common acquired cataract. It has some relations with sunlight, ultraviolet light, the temperature of the outside world, hypoxic environment and nutritional factors. So I can recommend you some suggestions which can reduce the risks of cataracts. First, you should frequently do exercises outside,. If you expose to sunlight for a long time, you should take measures to reduce sun radiation and ultraviolet. In general, you should wear sunglasses, after the age of 60, you can wear tan sunglasses. Second, if you suffer from chronic disease, especially hypertension, diabetes, pulmonary heart disease, you should have active treatment. Third, you should eat more vitamin-rich food, especially vitamins C, E. Fourth, reducing reading na dwriting time, and ensuring necessary rest. Fifth, to prevent hydration, drink more water.
  • Chenely


    You should keep a healthy life style and diet habit. 1.Wear the sunglasses to reduce the damage fromthe ultraviolet ray when you are working out door especially in summer or near the beach. 2. Drink enough water every day because the lack of water will lead to the formation of harmful substance for eyes. 3. Take in appropriate vitamins such as vitamin C and vitamin B. It's better to eat vegetable and fruit containing rich vitamin. 4. Control blood sugar level. 5. Eat less salt. 6. Stop or reduce smoking.