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What causes partial blindness in one eye?

Do you guys know what causes partial blindness in one eye? Any ways to cure that?
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  • Kevin lee


    There are many conditions that can contribute to partial vision loss. So, it is really difficult to tell you what causes it for your eyes according to the information you provided. For example, disbetes, glaucoma, retinal detachment and stroke can contribute to partial vision loss. Besides, other eye problems such as nearsightedness, pink eyes, eye injury astigmatism and low blood pressure can also cause the partial blindness in one eye. So, if you want to cure it, you shall consult an eye doctor and find out the causes so as to cure your eyes.
  • Jose joyce


    It may probably be caused by ocular migraine. Don' t worry too much if this is the reason. You can go back to health once you get the correct treatment. Just relax first, you will neither go blind nor go worse. What you just need to do is to accept correct right cure. By the way, in terms of this, there are not any home remedies for you, and you need to call for an ambulance right away. I am serious, no kidding.