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Where are locs sunglasses made?

Is there anyone who knows locs sunglasses? Can you tell me where are locs sunglasses made? Are they good?
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  • easilymused


    The locus sunglasses belong to the American brand. However they are now made in China. About the price, they are suitable when compared with other big brand sunglasses, like ray ban, maui jim and so on. About the design, it is fashionable. And the quality is good and durable. If you consider to buy one, it is worthy to own.
  • Savannah taylor


    Well, first you should know that they are made in china now. But on the other hand, they are the brand from America. Original Locs sunglasses were very popular with young people in the 70's and 80's. These glasses have been liked by famous artists and movie stars. So at that time, they have high reputation all around the world. Because of the classic style, they give people the attractive image. And they also make each pair of high quality with light weight materials. So if you wear them, you will feel very comfortable.
  • Jerry H.


    I never heard of Locs sunglasses. So, i never buy it and don't know if they are good. But i just search online and find they are popularized by gangsters but made in China. Anyway, they are cheap. Most of them are only require $9.99. So, Maybe, it is really saving to buy locs sunglasses. Here are their site:
  • walkamong123


    Well, according to the wiki, Locs is a sub-brand of Upper Playground, which is dedicated to producing a wide range of luxurious products , and they are founded in America, also produced mainly in America.Personally speaking, their quality is not a problem, but their price is high on the contrary, in general, they are worth buying products if you have a big budget.