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Jackson raphael


Can lack of sleep cause eye wrinkles?

I work very had and i often have not enough sleep. Does lack of sleep will cause eye wrinkles. If so, what can i do to treat eye wrinkles?
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  • Matthew baker


    Lacking of sleep can contribute to eye wrinkles. But this is not the only reason for people with get wrinkles. Besides, constant eye blinking during sunshine and intense rubbing can also cause wrinkles around eyes. To prevent wrinkles, you can try to use some eye cream to help you. Hope this help you.
  • eminentpraise


    Yes, the lack of sleep will cause the eye wrinkles.As we know, with the age growing, our skin will easily lose the collagen which takes the role of tightening. However, it is the age problem that causes the eye wrinkles in a common way. If you don't sleep well, your eyes or even the skin will feel dry which cause the microgrooves on your face which are the precondition for the eye wrinkles. If you still sleep not well, they will come to real eye wrinkles. Then you have to use the ski cream to protect the skin to prevent more eye wrinkles. You will have to have a good sleep and eat more food with vitamin C to moisture the skin. In addition, doing sports will help you tight the skin and reduce the eye wrinkles. Last of all, keeping a good mood is very important.
  • everetthol


    According to what you describe, I can see that you really need to take enough time to rest and get out of your daily work. Sometimes a lack of sleep and overwork may result in aging or poor skin conditions. However, generally speaking, exhaustion will not lead to wrinkles. But you should really get enough rest and pay attention to your skin.
  • b3aut1fulfr3ak7


    Yes, lack of sleep can cause eye wrinkles. The reason why our skin is so soft and smooth is because our skin can absorb enough nutrition through blood capillary of subcutaneous tissue and lack of sleep will made blood capillary. When this happens, it will make our skin lack of enough nutrition and cut down the pace of metabolism. At last, it will accelerate the pace of our skin aging and make our skin dry. Then eye wrinkles, eye bags and many skin problems followed. To improve this situation, going to sleep as early as possible is the best solution. What is more, you can drink eat some milk or honey before you sleep to nourish your skin. Don't think too much and eat some fruit to help you get a good sleep. A good sleep is important as well.