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J Bell


What are side effects of prk eye surgery?

I want to know more about prk surgery before i take it? Are there side effects? What are they?
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  • Brandon


    Firstly, it causes more pain after surgery than flap procedures such as LASIK because the top layer of cells is scraped off the cornea. And those people who have residual refractive errors after surgery could cause vision changes, which means halos around the lights and haze often affects vision after the prk eye surgery. Because the scraped off epithelial cells must grow back, vision fluctuates for as long as six months after PRK. Additionally, it causes dry eye after the surgery due to disruption of corneal nerve fibers that gradually grow back. Last but not least, the complete removal of the epithelial layer of cells from the cornea thus would cause eye infection.
  • Vanessa edward


    Prk surgery is the short term of Potorefractive Keratectomy which would remove the excessive cornea epidermal in order to get rid of myopia. It has some side effects, let me tell you. Photophoby the sensitiveness of rays will be increased and it will recovery to the normal level for 1 to 3 months. Dazzle and diplopia especially at night, but it will disappear gradually. Healing uncompleted, but artificial tear will help for the recovery. Nubecula, especially appear in the strong prescription, for 1 to 3 months. Some steroid eyes drop will help to control the symptom till it healed. Complication, which caused by incision unfairness, it may need surgery again after 3 months. However, I think its normal, because any surgery has its own risk, take care of yourself, hope everything goes well with you!
  • andrew


    PRK is also called Photoreactive keratectomy. It is the most common type of corrective laser eye surgery. They help people with very poor vision. But it also bring some side effects such as pain, dry eyes, blur vision and infection etc. In fact, PRK causes more pain after surgery than LASK surgery because the surgery will scraped off the cornea of the top layer of cell. Usually, after the PRK surgery, doctor will prescribe your some eye drops to release dry eyes and prevent from infection.