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How to relax eyes after reading?

My eyes feel strained. Is there any way to relax it?
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  • eisenstiefel


    Well, actually, it is annoying and dangerous to have eye strain. For example, there are long term effects of eye strains. First, it can put stress on the eye muscles and the facial and scalp muscles, and then, in that way, it will lead to pain and headache, dry eyes. Also, your vision becomes worse. To relax your eyes, you can just try some eye exercises which can strengthen these muscles for eye strain is actually the strain of the muscles controlling the eyes. also, you should close your eyes, and have a good rest.
  • croatiadiary


    When you feel your eyes at strain, you could do the following steps to release your symptom. You could close your eyes for a moment. Then you will find that your eyes feel comfortable. You could also look far through the windows of the tall building. You could also use the eye drops to release the strain eyes. In addition, you could do the eyes healthy exercise to make the eyes feel comfortable.
  • Gabriella rupert


    Eye strain is a commonly symptoms for working long hours in front of the computer or reading too much lately. Although eye strain is easy to restore, you still need to take good care of eyes avoid causing other eye problems. Now several steps help to restore bright and healthy eyes. Firstly, put two steel spoons in the refrigerator for about half an hour and then press them on your eyes lightly for a few seconds which can reduce eye puffiness. Secondly, you can benefit from cucumber if you place them on your eyes. Thirdly, doing some eye exercises will also help your eyes in relaxing and to help change vision. Finally, drop some basic drops to reduce eye strain, and then close your book and have a good rest. By the way, you can eat some fresh fruits, such as strawberries and oranges which can offer vitamins to strong your eyes.